Through O.C.A.’s relationship with Well Nation®, we’re able to offer a national leader in wellness solutions that achieve high engagement, member satisfaction, and measurable results for all size organizations, in any industry. The Well Nation® platform reduces cost and improves employee productivity by addressing the modifiable health risk of employees within your organization.

In conjunction with Well Nation®, O.C.A. is very happy to offer H.E.R.O. (Healthier Employee Reimbursement Program).

Our H.E.R.O. program allows employers to offer the HRA reimbursement, but engage employees in a state of the art, comprehensive wellness incentive program.  By implementing H.E.R.O., the employee can complete different wellness activities (I.e. Health Risk Assessments, taking a physical, etc) and accumulate wellness points. Those points can convert into additional HRA dollars. If the employee accumulates “x” amount of points, they can earn an additional HRA funds. In the end, the employer ends up with a healthier, happier, more production employee!


Watch the video on H.E.R.O. below!