Are your employee’s tired of submitting claims for reimbursement?

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OCA partners with employers, their employees, and their families to deliver quality, cost effective, and sustainable employee benefit programs. Every employee that works at OCA from their final interview through on boarding is ingrained with one simple rule; your number one job at OCA is to help people. We don’t hold ourselves to be perfect, but we do hold ourselves to be accountable. This may be why OCA’s client retention is over 98% year over year. Webster defines a “customer” as an entity who purchases a commodity or service. A “client” is defined as an entity who is under the protection of another. We have coupled this with industry leading technology and a core philosophy that we hire, train, and develop employees that know they have one fundamental job to do; that’s to help people.

Are your employee’s tired of submitting claims for reimbursement?

OCA’s ClaimsExpress™ automates the employee claim filing experience by linking to your insurance carrier portal! Once the accounts are linked, ClaimsExpress™ will automatically retrieve any new EOBs issued by the insurance company. This can significantly reduce or even eliminate the need to file paperwork to get reimbursed from your HRA benefit.

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ERISA Compliance Administration since 2014

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