Family Owned.

Based in New Jersey, OCA is a family owned business. With that at our core, we view our role as not just an administration company, but rather an “Employee Benefits Delivery Organization” established to provide employers, General Agents, Brokers, and plan participants with the most cost effective and efficient benefit packages available. Most importantly we’re here to help people!

Focus on compliance

When choosing a TPA, ease of use is important, but compliance is imperative. The rules are the rules and by choosing OCA, you’ll get the best of both worlds; ease of use and compliant administration! Through our compliant standards, OCA saves employers more money through diligent and thorough claims adjudication than an administrator with lower fee’s. We’ve also surrounded our firm with whom industry experts consider the preeminent legal counsel in our industry, Alston & Bird.

Dedicated to education

With an employee benefit program, plan design is first, and probably the most important step in creating an effective benefit program. Each work site situation is unique and so the key is to design a plan to achieve your specific goals. We view our role as more than just a Third Party Administrator, but as a portal of reliable information and education. We’ll meet with any size organization and come up with a plan that’s best for them! We’ll meet with the employees during the initial enrollment meeting as well as conduct follow-up meetings whenever called upon! The more educated everyone is, the more successful the program will be!

Advanced Technology

OCA’s administrative platform provides state of the art technology. Whether it be with our online employer and employee portal, mobile application, or our new automated claim feed service, we provide the highest level of technology to simplify the process for our participants.

Dedicated to Service

Every employee that works at OCA from their final interview through on boarding is ingrained with one simple rule; your number 1 job at OCA is to help people. We don’t hold ourselves to be perfect, but we do hold ourselves to be accountable. This may be why OCA’s client retention is over 98% year over year. Webster’s defines a “customer” as an entity who purchases a commodity or service. A “client” is defined as an entity who is under the protection of another.

At OCA, you’re treated like a client!